The Pocket Guide to World History

Winter War. 1939-40. USSR invades Finland. [Read more ...]

Winterhalter, Franz-Xaver. 1805-73. German royal portrait painter. Empress Eugénie 1854. [Read more ...]

Winthrop, John. 1588-1649. English Governor of Massachussets Bay Colony 1629~48 as Theocracy. [Read more ...]

Wishart, George 1513-46. Scottish Protestant martyr. [Read more ...]

Wissman, Hermann von. 1853-1905. German explorer of Upper Congo. [Read more ...]

Witan. Anglo-Saxon king’s council. [Read more ...]

Witt, Johan de. 1625-72. Dutch statesman. Rebuilt navy. Led Dutch Wars. Triple Alliance 1668. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. Killed by Orangist mob. [Read more ...]

Witte, Sergei. 1849-1915. Russian finance minister 1892-1903. Trans-Siberian Railway. Capitalistic policies. First Prime Minister 1905-6. [Read more ...]

Wittelsbach. Bavarian dynasty 1180-1918. [Read more ...]

Wittelsbach, Otto von. Otto I of Greece. [Read more ...]

Wittenberg. 1517. Church door on which Luther posted his 95 Theses. [Read more ...]

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