The Pocket Guide to World History

Wilson, Harold. 1916-95. British Labour Prime Minister 1964~76. [Read more ...]

Wilson, Woodrow. 1856-1924. US president 1913-21. Idealist. Advocated League of Nations. Prohibition. Women’s vote. Attempted to mediate WWI 1917. [Read more ...]

Winchester. 972 First royal standard units of measure. [Read more ...]

Winckelmann, Johann. 1717-68. German archeologist, art historian. History of Art of Antiquity 1764. Modern archeology. [Read more ...]

Winckler, Hugo. 1863-1913. German archaeologist. Discovered Hittite cuneiform tablets. [Read more ...]

Windows. 12C Glass first used. 14C Mullioned (divided into panes). Tudor introduced bay and oriel. 18C curved bow windows. [Read more ...]

Windsor. 1917-. Surname of British royal family, replacing Wettin, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in WWI. [Read more ...]

Windsor Castle. British royal residence since 9C. [Read more ...]

Winifred, St. 7C. Patron saint of North Wales. [Read more ...]

Winkelried, Arnold von. -1386. Swiss hero of Sempach. Sacrificed himself to create a breach in the cavalry of Duke Leopold. [Read more ...]

Winstanley, Gerrard. c1609-60. Founder of Diggers 1649. True Leveller’s Standard Advanced 1649. [Read more ...]

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