The Pocket Guide to World History

Westphalia, Peace of. 1648. Conclusion of the Thirty Years War between Germany, France, and Sweden and Spanish-Dutch 80 Years War. Formal recognition of Swiss independence. Dutch independence. HRE weakened. Religious toleration. Confirmed Augsburg. [Read more ...]

Weyden, Rogier van der. c1400-64. Flemish religious painter. Adoration of Child 1462. [Read more ...]

Weygand, Maxime. 1867-1965. French general. Foch’s Chief of Staff. Advised Pétain capitulation. WWI. [Read more ...]

WFTU. Communist World Federation of Trade Unions. Formed 1945 from IFTU. 1949 Non-Communist ICFTU split off. 2002 vs globalization, privatization. [Read more ...]

Wharton, Edith. 1862-1937. US novelist. Ethan Frome 1911. Age of Innocence 1920. [Read more ...]

Wheatstone, Charles. 1802-75. English physicist: microphone. Telegraph 1836. Resistance bridge 1843. Concertina 1829. Stereoscope. [Read more ...]

Wheel. 1535-1827. Form of torture originating in Germany. [Read more ...]

Whig. 1679-19C. British political party =Liberal. Originally to oppose James II. Came to represent wealthy middle class. Tory. [Read more ...]

Whig. 1834-54. US political party. Divided over slavery, most became Republican. [Read more ...]

Whipple, Abraham. 1733-1819. American Revolutionary. Captured 11 British ships 1779. [Read more ...]

Whiskey Rebellion. 1794. Pennsylvania settlers vs excise tax. Cavalry suppressed without violence. [Read more ...]

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