The Pocket Guide to World History

Villon, François. 1431-63+. French bohemian poet in “jargon”, secret language of Conquillades. Banished. Le Testament 1461. [Read more ...]

Vilnius Dispute. 1919-39. Poland, Lithuania dispute over city. [Read more ...]

Vimy Ridge. 1917. WWI battle. Key position taken by Canadians despite high casualties. [Read more ...]

Vincent de Paul, St. 1581-1660. French priest, known for his charity. Founded Lazarists 1625. [Read more ...]

Vincent of Beauvais. c1190-1264. French Dominican priest. Wrote encyclopedic Speculum majus 1259. [Read more ...]

Vinland. ~1000. Region of northeast North America discovered by Leif Eriksson. L’Anse aux Meadows. [Read more ...]

Violencia. 1948-62. Spain under Franco. 1946-64. Colombian repression. 200,000 dead. [Read more ...]

Viollet-le-Duc, Eugène. 1814-79. French Gothic Revival architect. Restored Notre-Dame 1841-54, Vincennes. Ste-Chapelle. [Read more ...]

Virchow, Rudolf. 1821-1902. German pathologist, anthropologist. Applied microscope to medical research. Cellular pathology 1858. [Read more ...]

Virgil. 70-19BC Roman epic poet. Aeneid 30-19BC. Bucolics. Georgics 36BC. [Read more ...]

Virgin Is. British Virgin Is. [Read more ...]

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