The Pocket Guide to World History

Vienna, Siege of. 1683. Poles aid Austrians in repelling Turks. [Read more ...]

Vienna, Treaty. 1725. Spain, Austria pledge to aid Stuart restoration in England. 1738 Ends War of Polish Succession. 1809 =Schönbrunn Treaty. 1864 Denmark cedes Schleswig- Holstein to Prussia. 1866 Seven Weeks War. Austria cedes Venice to Italy. [Read more ...]

Vienne, Council. 1311. Abolished Templars. [Read more ...]

Viet Cong. 1954-75. Communist guerillas seeking to reunify Vietnam. [Read more ...]

Viet Minh. 1941-51. Communist nationalist coalition vs French in Vietnam. [Read more ...]

Viète, François. 1540-1603. French mathematician, algebraic notation. Equation theory. [Read more ...]

Vietnam. Annam. 209BC Nam Vet kingdom. 111BC China. 2C Funan, 939 Independent. Khmer, Cham, Mongol invasions repelled. 1407 Ming. 1867 France (S). 1883 Tonkin, Annam French protectorates(N). 1940 Japanese occupy. 1945 Independent. 1946-54 French Indochina War. 1954 Communist Democratic Republic (N). 1955 Republic (S). 1962 Vietnam War. 1976 Socialist Republic of Vietnam 1987 Economic liberalization. 1995 US recognition. [Read more ...]

Vietnam War. 1946-54. =Indo China War. 1962-75. Democratic South Vietnam falls to Communists despite US aid to 1973. [Read more ...]

Vigée-Lebrun, Elizabeth. 1755-1842. French portrait painter. Marie-Antoinette. [Read more ...]

Vigeland, Gustav. 1869-1943. Norwegian sculptor depicting man’s struggle for life. Frogner Parken. [Read more ...]

Vigilante. US extralegal law enforcers on frontier. [Read more ...]

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