The Pocket Guide to World History

Victoria. 1819-1901. Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, 1837-. Empress of India 1876-. Colonial expansion. Strict moralist. Lost Hanover Crown by Salic Law. [Read more ...]

Victoria, Guadalupe. 1786-1843. First Mexican president 1824-9. [Read more ...]

Victoria, Tomás Luis de. c1548-1611. Spanish composer. Pioneer of contrapuntal music. Requiem 1605. [Read more ...]

Victoria Cross. 1856. British medal for bravery. [Read more ...]

Victorian style. 19C. Neo-Gothic architecture. London Houses of Parliament. [Read more ...]

Victory, HMS. Oldest commissioned British warship. Launched 1765. Nelson’s flagship 1797-1805. Trafalgar. [Read more ...]

Vidocq, François. 1775-1857. French adventurer, petty criminal. Organizer of Police de Sûreté. Thieves 1837. [Read more ...]

Vienna Boys Choir. 1498-. Founded by Maximilian I. [Read more ...]

Vienna Circle. 1920s Intellectual meetings. Formulated Logical Positivism. Schlick. Gödel. [Read more ...]

Vienna, Congress. 1814-15. Redrew map of Europe after Napoleon. Prussia gains Rhine, Westphalia. Swiss borders and neutrality confirmed. Netherlands created from Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg. Malta and Cape Colony ceded to Britain. Russia gets Poland. Austria trades Netherlands for north Italy. France reduced to 1792 borders. Metternich. [Read more ...]

Vienna, Peace. 1606. Ended Hungarian rebellion vs Hapsburgs. Toleration for Protestants. [Read more ...]

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