The Pocket Guide to World History

Venetian school. 15-18C Italian Arcadian painting of brilliant mosaic color. Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto. Montegna. [Read more ...]

Venezuela. Carib, Caraca, Teque. 1498 Columbus discovers. 1523 Spain settles. 1811 Independence declared. 1821 «Gran Colombia. 1829 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Venezuela Boundary Dispute. 19C over border with British Guiana. 1899 Most territory to Britain. Monroe Doctrine. [Read more ...]

Venezuelan Claims. 1902-7. European countries blockade ports to press for loan repayment. [Read more ...]

Venice. Venetia. 452 Founded. 697 Republic. Doge. 13-15C Venetian Empire. 1797 Austria. 1866 Italy. [Read more ...]

Venus. Roman goddess of love and beauty. =Aphrodite. [Read more ...]

Venus de Milo. 150BC Greek statue found on Milos, 1820. [Read more ...]

Vera Cruz Incident. 1914. Mexico seizes US ship. US attacks Vera Cruz. [Read more ...]

Vercingetorix. -46BC. Arverni chief in Gaul. Revolted vs Rome. Defeated by Caesar, executed. [Read more ...]

Verdi, Giusseppe. 1813-1901. Italian Nationalist operatic composer. Otello. Rigoletto 1851. Traviata 1853. Aida 1871. [Read more ...]

Verdun. 1916. Battle in which French repulsed the Germans. 750,000 casualties. [Read more ...]

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