The Pocket Guide to World History

Admetus. Greek mythical suitor of Alcestis. [Read more ...]

Admiral Graf Spee. -1939. German battleship def by British, scuttled at Montevideo. [Read more ...]

Admiralty Arch. 1910 London memorial to Q Victoria. [Read more ...]

Admonition to Parliament. 1572. Puritans demand episcopacy abolition. [Read more ...]

Adonis. Beautiful youth, beloved of Aphrodite and Persephone, worshipped by the Phoenicians. [Read more ...]

Adoptionism. 8C Christian heresy. Christ was born human, became divine after baptism. [Read more ...]

Adrian IV. c1100-59. Only English pope 1150-. Crowned Barbarossa. [Read more ...]

Adrian VI. 1459-1523. Only Dutch pope 1522-. Taught Erasmus. [Read more ...]

Adrianople, Battle. 378. Visigoths defeat Rome, kill Valens. [Read more ...]

Adrianople, Treaty. 1829. Ends Russo-Turkish War. Ottomans cede control of Greece. [Read more ...]

Adullam. Biblical city in central Israel. [Read more ...]

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