The Pocket Guide to World History

Addams, Jane. 1860-1935. US social reformer. Founded NAACP, Hull House. [Read more ...]

Addled Parliament. 1614. England. Criticized James I; achieved nothing. [Read more ...]

Adelard of Bath. 1090-c1150. English mathematician/translator introduced Arabic numerals. [Read more ...]

Adelung, Johann. 1732-1806. German scholar; helped standardize language. [Read more ...]

Aden. Yemen (South). [Read more ...]

Adenauer, Konrad. 1876-1967. First chancellor of German Federal Republic., 1949-63. Stabilized postwar Germany. [Read more ...]

Ader, Clement. 1841-1926. French aviation engineer. 1890 first plane. [Read more ...]

Adi Granth. Sacred Sikh scripture. [Read more ...]

Aditi. Hindu goddess, mother of Krsna and Vishnu. [Read more ...]

Adler, Alfred. 1870-1937. Austrian psychiatrist. Split with Freud, 1911. [Read more ...]

Adlerian Psychology. Man is driven to attain power to compensate for “inferiority feeling”. Can lead to “Overcompensation”, e.g. short dictators. Neuroses are illnesses as an excuse for underachievement. [Read more ...]

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