The Pocket Guide to World History

Tonkin Resolution. 1964. Congress approves US forces in Vietnam. [Read more ...]

Tontine. 1653-1789. Fund, first created by Tonti. Members invest for increasing annuity as others die, with the last receiving the balance. [Read more ...]

Tonypandy Riots. 1910. Police control striking coal miners. Cavalry held in reserve by Churchill. [Read more ...]

Torah. 5-2C BC God’s revealed teaching to Jews. Pentateuch (First 5 chapters of Old Testament). Oral Torah=Hebrew bible. [Read more ...]

Torch, Operation. 1942-3. Anglo-US operations in French NW Africa. Vichy France calls for Axis support in Tunis. [Read more ...]

Tordesillas, Treaties. 1494. Spain, Portugal divide colonies in America and East according to Demarcation Bull of Alexander VI. Spain west, Portugal east of 48.5°W. [Read more ...]

Torquemada, Tomás de. 1420-98. Dominican Inquisitor General, Spain. Worst atrocities. Expelled Jews 1492. [Read more ...]

Torres Vedras, Lines. 1808-14. Fortifications protect Portugal from French invasion. [Read more ...]

Torricelli, Evangelista. 1608-47. Italian physicist. mercury barometer, vacuum 1643. [Read more ...]

Torun, Treaty. 1466. Poland, Teutonic Knights. Poland regains Prussia. Knights acknowledge Polish sovereignty. [Read more ...]

Tory. Term (Irish = outlaw) applied 1679 to Duke of York supporters. English Royalist political party 1690-1830, refounded as Conservative Party 1833. In US: =colonists loyal to Britain during American Revolution. [Read more ...]

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