The Pocket Guide to World History

Toleration, Act of. 1689. England. Religious freedom for non-conformists. [Read more ...]

Toleration, Edict of. 1781. Holy Roman Empire. Freedom of worship. [Read more ...]

Tolkien, JRR. 1892-1973. English philologist, fantasy novelist. Lord of the Rings 1954. [Read more ...]

Tolls. 1109, Elbe River. 1264, English roads. [Read more ...]

Tolpuddle Martyrs. 1834. 6 British farmworkers transported despite protests for union organizing. [Read more ...]

Tolstoy, Lev. 1828-1910. Russian historical novelist. Moralist. Occupied with social reforms; freed his serfs. Founded Christian anarchist religion. War and Peace 1863-9. Anna Karenina 1875-7. [Read more ...]

Toltec. 9-13C. C. Mexican urban warrior peoples. Sun worshippers. Defeated by Aztecs. [Read more ...]

Tombaugh, Clyde. 1906-97. US. First to see Pluto, 1930. [Read more ...]

Tone, Wolfe. 1763-98. Irish nationalist leader, rebel. Led French force to Ireland 1798. Suicide. United Irishmen. [Read more ...]

Tong Wars. 1850-1930. US Chinese criminal feuds. [Read more ...]

Tonga. c500BC Polynesians. 1616 Dutch explore. 1777 Cook. 1900 British protectorate. 1970 Independent. [Read more ...]

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