The Pocket Guide to World History

Thököly, Imre. 1657-1705. Led Hungarian Protestant rebels vs Austria. Besieged Vienna with Turks 1683. [Read more ...]

Thomas, Dylan. 1914-53. Welsh poet. Under Milk Wood 1953. [Read more ...]

Thomas, James. 1700-48. British poet. Seasons. Rule Britannia. [Read more ...]

Thomas, John. 1805-71. US founder of Christadelphians. [Read more ...]

Thomas, St. Apostle. Sought evidence of Resurrection. [Read more ...]

Thomas, Sydney. 1850-85. English metallurgist. [Read more ...]

Thomas Aquinas, St. 1225-74. Italian Dominican scholar. 5 Proofs of God. An eternal law governs all physical and moral behaviour. Summa Theologica. Thomism. Reconciled Aristotle’s reason with Christian faith. [Read more ...]

Thomas the Rhymer. 13C Scottish magician, prophet, and poet. [Read more ...]

Thomism. Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. Truth from observation, logic and faith. [Read more ...]

Thompson, David. 1770-1857. Explored western US, Columbia River. [Read more ...]

Thompson, Robert Wm. 1845 First pneumatic tires. [Read more ...]

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