The Pocket Guide to World History

Thomson, Joseph. 1856-1940. English discoverer that cathode rays are electrons 1897. [Read more ...]

Thomson, Tom. 1877-1917. Canadian landscape painter. Influenced Group of Seven. [Read more ...]

Thor. Scandinavian god of thunder and war. [Read more ...]

Thoreau, Henry. 1817-62. US naturist, anarchist essayist: Civil Disobedience 1848. Walden 1854. [Read more ...]

Thorfinn Karlsefni. Failed attempt to establish Icelandic colony in North America c1004. [Read more ...]

Thorndike, Edward. 1874-1949. US psychologist. Developed children’s intelligence test. Animal Intelligence 1898-1901. [Read more ...]

Thorvaldsen, Bortel. c1770-1844. Danish Neoclassical sculptor. [Read more ...]

Thoth. Egyptian god of learning. Kept records of dead. Also messenger god = Hermes. Hermetic Texts. [Read more ...]

Thousand, Expedition of the. 1860. Garibaldi takes Sicily, Naples for Victor Emmanuel II. [Read more ...]

Thrace. Region of SE Balkan peninsula. c700BC Greek colonies. c512-480BC Persia. 4C BC Macedonia. 1C BC Rome...Byzantine. 7C Bulgaria(N). 1453 Ottoman. Post WWI split Turkey/Greece/Bulgaria. [Read more ...]

Thrasybulus. -388BC. Refounded Athenian democracy 403BC after 30 Tyrants’ rule. [Read more ...]

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