The Pocket Guide to World History

Tartini, Giuseppe. 1692-1770. Italian violinist, composer. [Read more ...]

Tartu, Treaty. 1920. Estonia independent of Russia. [Read more ...]

Tascher de la Pagerie. Joséphine. [Read more ...]

Tasman, Abel. c1603-59. Dutch navigator. Discovered Tasmania, New Zealand. 1642; Fiji, Tonga 1643. [Read more ...]

Tasmania. 1642 Tasman discovers = Van Diemen’s Land. 1803-52 British penal settlement. 1856 Self-government = Tasmania. 1901 Australia. [Read more ...]

Tasso, Torquato. 1544-95. Italian poet. Jerusalem Liberated 1581. [Read more ...]

Tatars. Ancient: Mongols who merged with Golden Horde, invaded Europe 13C. Tatarstan. [Read more ...]

Tatarstan. 8C Bulgars settle. Tatars. 13C Golden Horde. 1552 Russia. 1991 Independent Republic within Russian Federation. [Read more ...]

Tawney, Richard. 1880-1962. British critic of affluent society. Acquisitive Society. [Read more ...]

Taxation. On Income 1193. On Cooking Oil: 1000BC Egypt. Foreigners: 400BC Greece. Imports 1CBC Rome. Property: 453BC Greece, 1642 England. Sales: 49BC Rome. 1973 UK VAT. Inheritance: 23BC Rome. Salt: 1286-1790 France. Hair Powder: 1795-1869 Hearths: 1663-89. Cards: 1615. Whiskey. Eisphora. Boadicea. Godiva. Danegeld. Domesday Book. Tithes. [Read more ...]

Tay Son Rebellion. 1771-88. Vietnam. Tay Son brothers take power. 1788-93. Defeat invading Chinese. Social reforms. [Read more ...]

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