The Pocket Guide to World History

Taylor, Brook. 1685-1731. English mathematician. Theorem of Differential Calculus 1715. [Read more ...]

Taylor, Frederick. 1856-1915. US engineer, created efficiency methods. Principles of Scientific Management 1911. [Read more ...]

Taylor, Maxwell. 1901-87. US WWII air commander. [Read more ...]

Taylor, Richard. 1826-79. US Confederate general. Red River Campaign. [Read more ...]

Taylor, Zachary. 1784-1850. US Mexican War hero. President 1849-. “Old Rough and Ready”. Last slave owning- president. [Read more ...]

Tchaikovsky, Peter. 1840-93. Russian composer of operas and ballets with emotional appeal. Swan Lake 1877. Sleeping Beauty 1890. Nutcracker 1892. [Read more ...]

Tchekov, Anton. Chekhov. [Read more ...]

Tea. c2700BC China. 6C Europe. 1657 England. [Read more ...]

Tea Act. 1773. British give British East India Company effective monopoly in North America. Boston Tea Party. [Read more ...]

Teach, Edward. =Blackbeard. [Read more ...]

Teapot Dome Scandal. 1922. Exclusive oil rights granted by Fall for personal “loans”. Discredited Harding administration. [Read more ...]

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