The Pocket Guide to World History

Tangun. Mythical First King of Koreans 2333BC-. [Read more ...]

Tannenberg, Battle. 1410. Victory of Poles and Lithuanians ends Teutonic Knights’ expansion. 1914. Germans rout 2 Russian armies, crippling them for rest of WWI. [Read more ...]

Tannhäuser. c1200-70. German legendary knight, poet who lived in the court of Venus. [Read more ...]

Tantalus. Son of Zeus, punished by receding fruit and water. [Read more ...]

Tantras. 6-7C Hindu, Buddhist holy books. [Read more ...]

Tanzania. 1964 Tanganyika + Zanzibar. [Read more ...]

Taoism. 6C BC Chinese philosophy. Lao-tzu wrote Tao-te-Ching. Natural course is through passivity, elimination of desire. [Read more ...]

Tappan, Arthur. 1786-1865. US abolitionist. Founded Anti-Slavery Society 1833. [Read more ...]

Taraori, Battles. 1191-2. Moslems conquer northern India. [Read more ...]

Tarbell, Ida. 1857-1944. US Muckraker writer. Life of Abraham Lincoln 1900. [Read more ...]

Tardieu, André. 1876-1945. French politician. Paris Peace Conference. Prime Minister 1929~32. [Read more ...]

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