The Pocket Guide to World History

Silesian Wars. 1740-5. Prussia takes Silesia from Austria. Austrian Succession. [Read more ...]

Silk Route. Trade route from Rome to China. Followed by Marco Polo. [Read more ...]

Silla, Kingdom. 57BC-935. Korea, united peninsula 668. [Read more ...]

Sillitoe, Alan. 1928-. English writer of working class life. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 1959. [Read more ...]

Siloé, Diego de. c1495-1563. Spanish Renaissance sculptor, Plateresque architect. Granada Cathedral. [Read more ...]

Silver Age. c14-130. Roman literary period. [Read more ...]

Simcoe, John Graves. 1752-1806. First Lt Governor of Upper Canada. Founded Toronto 1793. [Read more ...]

Simenon, Georges. 1903-89. Belgian writer of political and detective novels. Commissaire Maigret. [Read more ...]

Simeon, St. c390-459. Syrian ascetic hermit. Spent 30 years on top of a pillar. [Read more ...]

Simeon I. -927. First czar of Bulgaria 925-. [Read more ...]

Simeon II. 1937-. Last czar of Bulgaria 1943-6. 1946-96 Exiled. 1998 Properties returned. [Read more ...]

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