The Pocket Guide to World History

Barth, Karl. 1886-1968. Swiss Protestant theologian. Can only understand God through word of Christ. [Read more ...]

Bartholdi, Frédéric. 1834-1904. French sculptor of the Statue of Liberty 1886. [Read more ...]

Bartholemew’s Day, St. St. Bartholemew’s Day. [Read more ...]

Bartholomew, St. =Nathanael, a disciple of Christ. [Read more ...]

Bartlett, John. 1820-1905. US compiler of Familiar Quotations 1855. [Read more ...]

Bartók, Bela. 1881-1945. Modern Hungarian Nationalist composer. Bridged Hungarian folk to Western music. [Read more ...]

Bartolomeo, Fra. 1472-1517. Florentine master painter. High Renaissance Classical idealist. Lucca. Annunciation 1497. [Read more ...]

Barton, Clara. 1821-1912. US Civil War nurse. Founded US Red Cross 1881. [Read more ...]

Barton, Elizabeth. 1506-34. Maid of Kent. Executed for prophesy against Henry VIII marrying Anne Boleyn. [Read more ...]

Baruch, Bernard. 1870-1965. US financier/elder statesman; adviser to US presidents, Churchill. [Read more ...]

Bärwalde, Treaty. 1631. French pay Swedes to fight Hapsburgs. [Read more ...]

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