The Pocket Guide to World History

Barye, Antoine. 1795-1875. French sculptor of simplicity, energy. Jaguar devouring a hare 1850. [Read more ...]

Basel, Confessions. 1531, 1536. Statements of Reformation doctrines. [Read more ...]

Basel, Council. 1431-49. Conciliarism vs Papal Authority. Felix V appointed Antipope. [Read more ...]

Basel, Peace. 1499. Holy Roman Empire grants Swiss independence. [Read more ...]

Basel, Treaty. 1795. Prussia, France exchange Rhine territories. [Read more ...]

Basel, Treaty. 1795. Spain cedes Santo Domingo to France. [Read more ...]

Basil, St. 330-79. Founder of Basilians...Greek Orthodox Church. [Read more ...]

Basil I. 813-886. Byzantine Emperor, 867-. Defeated Arabs. New Golden Age. Founded Macedonian dynasty. [Read more ...]

Basil II. 958-1025. Byzantine Emperor 960-. Slayer of Bulgars. [Read more ...]

Basilians. 358. Monastic order of St. Basil. [Read more ...]

Basque. Europe’s oldest racial group. NW Spain, SW France. Euzkadi. ETA. [Read more ...]

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