The Pocket Guide to World History

Shabbetai, Tzevi. 1626-76. Jewish false Messiah. Converted to Islam 1666. [Read more ...]

Shackleton, Ernest. 1874-1922. British Antarctic explorer. [Read more ...]

Shaftesbury, 7th earl. 1801-85. English reform politician. Coal Mines Act 1842. Factory Acts. Sponsored schools, housing for poor. [Read more ...]

Shah Jahan. 1592-1666. Mogul Emperor of India. Taj Mahal. [Read more ...]

Shakers. 1747-. English celibate communal Quaker sect. 1774 moved to US. [Read more ...]

Shakespeare, William. 1564-1616. English dramatic poet. Master of language, characters, perception.Titus Andronicus c1593. Romeo and Juliet c1594. Hamlet c1602. Othello c1604. King Lear c1606. Lover’s Complaint c1609. Sonnets 1609. Tempest 1611. [Read more ...]

Shamanism. Ancestral religion in Asia, N America. Shamans heal sick, talk to gods. [Read more ...]

Shamash. Semitic sun god. [Read more ...]

Shamil. 1798-1871. Moslem guerilla leader vs Russia in Crimean War. [Read more ...]

Shang. c1766-c1122BC. Chinese dynasty. Earliest verified by archeological evidence. = Yin. [Read more ...]

Shapley, Harlow. 1885-1972. US astronomer. Measured Milky Way. [Read more ...]

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