The Pocket Guide to World History

Severus, Lucius. 146-211. Roman Emperor. 193-. Began absolute despotism. [Read more ...]

Sévigné, Marie de. 1626-96. Author of Letters 1671 to her daughter depicting 17C France. [Read more ...]

Sèvres. 1756-. Royal French porcelain makers. [Read more ...]

Sèvres, Treaty. 1920. Broke up Ottoman Empire. Would have created Kurdistan. Not ratified. Lausanne Peace. [Read more ...]

Seward, William. 1801-72. Anti-slavery US statesman. “Seward’s Folly”-bought Alaska 1867. [Read more ...]

Seychelles. 1505 Portugal discovers. 1756 France. 1794 British. 1903 Crown Colony. 1976 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Seymour, Edward. c1506-52. Protector for Edward VI. [Read more ...]

Seymour, Jane. 1509-37. Third wife of Henry VIII. Died after giving birth to Edward VI. [Read more ...]

Seymour, Thomas. c1508-49. Brother of Jane. Married Catherine Parr. Executed for treason. [Read more ...]

Sezession. Groups of artists who seceded from academies in Munich 1892, Vienna 1897, Berlin 1999. [Read more ...]

Sforza, Francesco I. 1401-66. Founder of Milanese dynasty 1450-1535. [Read more ...]

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