The Pocket Guide to World History

Schickard, Wilhelm. 1592-1635. Dutch inventor of “calculating clock”, mechanical calculator. [Read more ...]

Schiller, Friedrich. 1759-1805. German Romantic writer of historical dramas and lyric poetry. Popularized William Tell 1804. -“inner direction” Wallenstein 1800. [Read more ...]

Schiner, Matthäus. c1465-1522. Led Swiss to defeat at Maignano. Established peace and neutrality of Switzerland. [Read more ...]

Schirrman, Richard. 1874-1961. German originator of youth hostels. [Read more ...]

Schism, Great. 1054 East-West Schism. 1378 Great Schism. [Read more ...]

Schism Act. 1714. Occasional Conformity Act 1719. [Read more ...]

Schlegel, August von. 1767-1854. German Romantic scholar, Shakespeare translator. [Read more ...]

Schlegel, Friedrich von. 1772-1829. German Romantic critic. [Read more ...]

Schleicher, Kurt von. 1882-1934. Last chancellor of Weimar Republic 1932-3. Opposed Hitler. Murdered by SS on Night of Long Knives. [Read more ...]

Schleiermacher, Friedrich. 1768-1834. German Protestant theologian. [Read more ...]

Schlesinger, Arthur. 1888-1965. US historian. History of American Life 1928-43. [Read more ...]

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