The Pocket Guide to World History

Scaevola, Gaius. Legendary hero. Saved Rome from Etruscans c509BC. [Read more ...]

Scaevola, Quintus. -82BC. Roman consul. Law limiting citizenship led to Social War. [Read more ...]

Scala, Cangrande I della. 1291-1329. Lord of Verona, patron of Dante. [Read more ...]

Scalawags. White southern Republicans who supported Reconstruction. [Read more ...]

Scaliger, Joseph. 1540-1609. Classical scholar. Founded science of chronology. [Read more ...]

Scaliger, Julius Caesar. 1484-1558. Italian/French classical scholar. “Father” of literary criticism. Poetics 1561. [Read more ...]

Scandberg. 1404-68. Albanian prince, raised as hostage in Turkey. Led Albanians vs Turks 1444-66. [Read more ...]

Scaramouche. Italian clown, at 83 could knock off his partner’s hat with a high kick. [Read more ...]

Scarlatti, Alessandro. 1660-1725. Italian composer of oratorios and operas. Neapolitan School. Influenced classical harmony. [Read more ...]

Scarlatti, Domenico. 1685-1757. Italian composer. 555 Sonatas for harpsichord 1737-. Operas 1703-. [Read more ...]

Scarron, Paul. 1610-60. French dramatist, novelist. Le Roman Comique 1651-9. [Read more ...]

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