The Pocket Guide to World History

Salamis, Battle. 480BC. Greek naval victory over superior Persian fleet. [Read more ...]

Salan, Raoul. 1899-1984. French general. Created OAS 1961. Imprisoned 1962-8. [Read more ...]

Salazar, Antonio. 1889-1970. Portuguese dictator 1932-68. [Read more ...]

Salbai, Treaty. 1782. Ends first Maratha War. [Read more ...]

Salem Witch Trials. 1692. 19 executed in Massachussets based on adolescent fantasies. [Read more ...]

Salesbury, William. c1520-84. Welsh lexicographer. Translated New Testament to Welsh 1567. [Read more ...]

Salians. Dynasty. Ruled HRE 1024-1125. Investiture Controversy with pope. [Read more ...]

Salic Law. 6C penal code issued by Clovis. Incorrectly cited 14-19C to limit royal succession to males; Spain by Philip V, 1713. Victoria. Isabella II. [Read more ...]

Salieri, Antonio. 1750-1825. Austrian court composer. Operas. [Read more ...]

Salimbene di Adam. 1221-90. Parmese chronicler of 13C life. [Read more ...]

Salinger, JD. 1919- US novelist. Catcher in the Rye 1951. [Read more ...]

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