The Pocket Guide to World History

Rothschild, Lionel de. 1808-79. First Jewish member of British Parliament 1858-74. [Read more ...]

Rothschild, Meyer. 1744-1812. German banking family patriarch. [Read more ...]

Rotten Boroughs. -1832. British rural constituencies with few voters due to urban migration. Reform Bill. [Read more ...]

Roualt, Georges. 1871-1958. French Expressionist painter. Bold, vivid, flat colors like stained glass. The Old King 1937. [Read more ...]

Rouget de Lisle. 1760-1836. French officer, wrote La Marseillaise 1792. [Read more ...]

Rough Riders. 1898. US volunteer cavalry in Spanish American War under Roosevelt. Won San Juan hill. [Read more ...]

Round Table. King Arthur and his knights. [Read more ...]

Round Table Conference. 1930-32. Established federal system, provincial autonomy in India; not implemented. [Read more ...]

Roundhead. Derisory term applied to Parliamentarians during English Civil War. [Read more ...]

Rousseau, Henri. Le Douanier. 1844-1910. Allegorical Expressionist painter. The Dream. Sleeping Gypsy 1897. Hungry Lion 1905. [Read more ...]

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. 1712-78. Swiss Enlightenment philosopher and writer. Began Romantic Movement. Stimulated French and American Revolutions. On Equality 1753. Social Contract 1762 influenced French Revolution (offended authorities), Confessions 1782. Man is prevented from being free only by society and cold science. Goodness and bounty of nature. Goodness of man. Advocates direct democracy at City-State level and dictatorship above. Sovereignty rests with people. General will aims at best for all. [Read more ...]

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