The Pocket Guide to World History

Rosa, Salvator. 1615-73. Italian poet, musician, Baroque painter. [Read more ...]

Rosamund, Fair. c1140-1176. English Henry II’s mistress. [Read more ...]

Roscelin. c1050-1125. First Nominalist 1089. [Read more ...]

Rose of Lima, St. 1586-1617. Peruvian Dominican mystic. First American native saint. Patron Saint of South America. [Read more ...]

Rosenberg, Alfred. 1893-1946. German Nazi ideologist. Executed. [Read more ...]

Rosenberg, Julius, Ethel. 1918,1916-53. First US civilians executed for spying for Soviet Union. [Read more ...]

Rosenkreuz, Christian. 15C. Legendary founder of Rosicrucian Society. [Read more ...]

Roses, War of. 1455-85. York (white) vs Lancaster (red) for English throne. Lancaster rule ended. Henry VII (Tudor/Lancaster) married Elizabeth (York). Bosworth Field. Plantagenet. [Read more ...]

Rosetta Stone. 196BC Multilingual stone used by Champollion to decipher hieroglyphics 1821. [Read more ...]

Rosicrucians. 17C- Society claiming ancient mystical knowledge. Rosenkreuz. [Read more ...]

Ross, Betsy. 1752-1836. Seamstress. Traditional maker of first US flag. [Read more ...]

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