The Pocket Guide to World History

Romulus Augustulus. Last Roman Emperor of the West 475-6. [Read more ...]

Ronald. Pith ball electric telegraph 1816. [Read more ...]

Roncesvalles, Battle. 778. Charlemagne ambushed in Pyrenees. Basis for Song of Roland. [Read more ...]

R101. 1930. British airship, world’s largest, crashed in France. [Read more ...]

Ronsard, Pierre de. 1524-85. French Pléiade poet. Odes 1550. Amours 1552. Franciade 1572. [Read more ...]

Roosevelt, Eleanor. 1884-1962. US beloved First Lady. UN delegate 1945-61. [Read more ...]

Roosevelt, Franklin. 1882-1945. US president 1933-45. New Deal 1933-. Pacifist until Pearl Harbor. Four Freedoms. [Read more ...]

Roosevelt, Theodore. 1858-1919. US president 1901-9 after McKinley assassination. Founded Bull Moose Party 1912. Led Rough Riders. Panama Canal Zone. [Read more ...]

Root, Elihu. 1845-1937. US internationalist statesman. Agreements with Japan, Britain, Latin America. Disarmament Conference. [Read more ...]

Root-Takahira Agreement. 1908. US-Japan. Maintains Open Door policy in China. [Read more ...]

Rorschach, Hermann. 1884-1922. Swiss psychiatrist. Ink blot test 1921. [Read more ...]

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