The Pocket Guide to World History

Quadrilateral. Austrian fortresses: Legnago, Mantua, Verona, Peschiera. [Read more ...]

Quadrille. 18C French dance introduced to England 1818. [Read more ...]

Quadrivium. Arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, music. Trivium. [Read more ...]

Quadruple Alliance. 1718. Austria, France, Britain, Dutch Republic. Defeated Spain’s attack on Sicily. 1813,15. Austria, Britain, Russia, Prussia. Enforced Treaty of Paris. 1834 France, Britain, Portugal, Spain. Supported Isabella II vs Carlist claims. [Read more ...]

Quakers. 1647. Society of Friends. Protestant non-conformist sect, founded by Fox. Silently awaiting “Inward Light”. Penn. [Read more ...]

Quant, Mary. 1934-. English fashion designer. Miniskirt. [Read more ...]

Quantrill, William. 1837-65. Confederate guerilla leader of 1863 massacre at Lawrence, Kansas. [Read more ...]

Quantum Theory. Energy levels are discontinuous. Foundation of modern physics. Planck 1900. Bohr. [Read more ...]

Quartering Acts. 1765-70,74. Forced Colonies to pay for British troops stationed there. Intolerable Acts. Stamp Act. [Read more ...]

Quasimodo, Salvatore. 1901-68. Italian humanist Hermetic poet: La Vita non e sogno. Oboe Somerso 1932. [Read more ...]

Quatre Bars, Battle. 1815. Preliminary to Waterloo. Napoleon defeats Prussians. [Read more ...]

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