The Pocket Guide to World History

Quebec. 1534 Cartier discovers. 1608 French colony. 1763 British. 1867 Founding province of Canada. [Read more ...]

Quebec, Battle. 1759. British defeat French in Seven Years War. 1775 Quebec Campaign. [Read more ...]

Quebec Act. 1774. Britain creates permanent government for Canada. Tolerance for French Canadians a cause of American Revolution. Intolerable Acts. [Read more ...]

Quebec Campaign. 1775-6. American revolutionaries take Montreal. Fail to take Quebec. [Read more ...]

Quebec Conference. 1864. Basis of British North America Act. 1943. Allied leaders plan European landings. 1944. Churchill, Roosevelt decide on two war fronts-criticized for allowing Soviets to take Berlin. [Read more ...]

Québecois, Parti. Political party dedicated to separating Quebec from Canada. Despite 1976 election majority, 1980 referendum rejected secession. [Read more ...]

Queen Anne’s War. 1702-13. French vs English in North America in War of Spanish Succession. [Read more ...]

Queensberry Rules. 1867. Boxing. [Read more ...]

Quesnay, François. 1694-1774. French economist, Physiocrat. “Laissez-faire” is a natural divinely appointed law. Tableau Économique 1758 -systematic study of political economy. Can maximize social satisfaction under free competition. [Read more ...]

Quesnel, Pasquier. 1634-1719. French Jansenist leader. French New Testament 1697. [Read more ...]

Quetzalcóatl. Aztec, Coltec god symbolized by feathered serpent. Legendary founder of Chichen Itza. Also applied as a title equivalent to saint. [Read more ...]

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