The Pocket Guide to World History

Pilon, Germain. c1537-90. Fench. sculptor. Three Graces 1561. [Read more ...]

Pilsudski, Józef. 1867-1935. Polish general, Head of State 1918-22, Prime Minister after coup 1926-. Defended Poland vs Russia 1919-20. [Read more ...]

Pindar. c522-443BC. Greek Epicurean lyric poet of odes celebrating athletic victories. [Read more ...]

Pinel, Philippe. 1745-1826. French physician. Revolutionized care of the insane at Salpêtrière with humane treatment. [Read more ...]

Pinkerton, Allan. 1819-84. Scottish/US founder first US detective agency 1850. Foiled plot vs Lincoln 1861. [Read more ...]

Pinochet Ugarte, Augusto. 1915-. Chilean President 1973-90. Coup vs Allende. Brutal dictatorship, torture and disappearances. Charged 1998. [Read more ...]

Pinter, Harold. 1930-. English playwright. Birthday Party 1958. Caretaker 1960. [Read more ...]

Pinturricchio. c1454-1513. Italian religious painter. Vatican frescoes 1492. [Read more ...]

Pinzón, Martín. c1441-93. Commanded Columbus’ Pinta. [Read more ...]

Pinzon, Vicente. c1460-1523. Discovered Amazon 1500. Commanded Columbus’ Nina 1492,3. [Read more ...]

Piraeus. 5C BC-. Athenian port. [Read more ...]

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