The Pocket Guide to World History

Pied Piper of Hamelin. Legend based on Children’s Crusade. Leads children away when townspeople refuse to pay for ridding town of vermin. [Read more ...]

Piedmont-Sardinia. 1720-1861. Savoy kingdom. Sardinia. [Read more ...]

Pierre de Montreuil. 13 C builder of Notre-Dame Cathedral, architect of Ste-Chapelle, 1248. [Read more ...]

Pietism. 17-18C. Spener’s religious movement. Influenced Moravians, Methodists. Bible study. [Read more ...]

Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste. 1714-85. French sculptor. Mercury 1744. [Read more ...]

Pilate, Pontius. -c39. Roman governor of Judea, who allowed Christ’s crucifixion. [Read more ...]

Pilâtre de Rosier, Jean-François. 1756-85. Physician and balloonist. First ascent 1783 with Montgolfier; First free flight 1783 with d’Arlandes. Killed trying to cross Channel. [Read more ...]

Pilgrim Fathers. 1620. English religious Separatists who sailed on Mayflower to avoid persecution. [Read more ...]

Pilgrimage of Grace. 1536. Catholic uprising in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire against dissolution of monasteries, taxation and inflation. [Read more ...]

Pillars of Hercules. Rock of Gibraltar and Jebel Musa. [Read more ...]

Pillnitz, Declaration of. 1791. Holy Roman Empire, Prussia support Restoration in France. French Revolutionary Wars. [Read more ...]

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