The Pocket Guide to World History

Backgammon. 3000BC. [Read more ...]

Bacon, Francis. 1561-1626. English chancellor and philosopher. First king’s counsel. Favoured inductive over deductive reasoning. Separated Science from religion. New Atlantis 1625. B. Scientific method: Novum Organum 1620. Essays 1625. [Read more ...]

Bacon, Henry. 1866-1924. US classical revival architect. Lincoln Memorial 1911. [Read more ...]

Bacon, Roger. 1214-94. English Franciscan monk. Advocated scientific experiment, observation. Alchemist. Formulated gunpowder. Magnifying glass 1250. Opus Majus 1266.Telescope. [Read more ...]

Bacon’s Rebellion. 1676. Virginia colonists under N.Bacon defeat Indians, take Jamestown. [Read more ...]

Bactria. c1500BC Aryan. 545BC Persia. 328BC Alexander. 256BC-140 Graeco-Bactria. Badakhshan. 7C Moslem. 1220 Genghis Khan. Now Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. [Read more ...]

Badakhshan. 255BC-1584. Kingdom in Bactria claiming direct descendance from Alexander the Great. [Read more ...]

Baden. 1112 Margravate. 1771 Grand Duchy. 1848 Republic. 1871 German Empire. 1918 Republic. 1934 Germany. [Read more ...]

Baden-Powell, Robert. 1857-1941. English General, founded Boy Scouts 1908; Girl Guides with sister Agnes, 1910. [Read more ...]

Badoglio, Pietro. 1871-1956. Italian. Conquered Ethiopia 1936. Arranged 1943 armistice. Prime Minister 1943-44. [Read more ...]

Badr, Battle. 624. Muhammad’s first military victory. Defeats Umayyad caravan. [Read more ...]

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