The Pocket Guide to World History

Babington, Anthony. 1561-86. English conspirator to murder Elizabeth I for Mary Queen of Scots. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

Babism. 1844-50. Shi’ite mystical ascetic sect. Numerology. Number 19. Baha’ism. [Read more ...]

Babylon. 40C BC. Capital of Babylonia. Peak 7-6C BC. [Read more ...]

Babylon, Hanging Gardens. 6C BC. One of Seven Wonders of the World. [Read more ...]

Babylonia. c8000BC Tigris-Euphrates Civ’n. 1792-50BC Hammurabi’s emp. c1530 Kassite. 11C Aramaen, Assyrian. 625 Chaldean. 538 Achaemenid. 331BC Alexander. [Read more ...]

Babylonian Captivity. 1309-77. Avignon Papacy. [Read more ...]

Babylonian Captivity. 586-538BC. “70 Years” of Jewish exile by Nebuchadnezzar. [Read more ...]

Baccarat. 1765-. French glassmakers. [Read more ...]

Bacchus. Roman god of Wine. = Dionysus. [Read more ...]

Bach, C.P.E. 1714-88. 3d son of JS. Developed sonata and symphonic forms. Influential Essay on Keyboard 1774. [Read more ...]

Bach, Johann Sebastian. 1685-1750. German composer of fugues and chorales. Peak of polyphonic music. Brandenburg Concerto 1721. Well Tempered Clavier. Art of Fugue 1749. [Read more ...]

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