The Pocket Guide to World History

Parr, Catherine. 1512-48. Sixth and last wife of Henry VIII. [Read more ...]

Parry, Hubert. 1848-1918. Led English music revival. [Read more ...]

Parry, William. 1790-1855. English arctic explorer. Failed to find NW Passage. [Read more ...]

Parses. Parsis. Indian followers of Zoroastrianism from Persia 8C. [Read more ...]

Parsifal. Percival. [Read more ...]

Parsons, Charles. 1854-1931. English inventor of multi-stage steam turbine, 1884. [Read more ...]

Parson’s Cause. 1755,58 Salary dispute of Anglican ministers in Virginia based on inflation of tobacco prices. [Read more ...]

Parthenon. 447-431BC. Marble Doric temple of Athena built by Phidias and Ictinus under Pericles on Athens Acropolis. Damaged by Venetians attacking Turks 1687. [Read more ...]

Parthenopean Republic. 1799 Created by Napoleon at Naples. 1802 Nelson restores Bourbons 1806. [Read more ...]

Parthia. Arsacids. [Read more ...]

Partisans. Armed resistance in occupied territory. Yugoslav resistance under Tito, 1941-5. [Read more ...]

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