The Pocket Guide to World History

Parker, Dorothy. 1893-1967. US witty urban writer. A Star is Born. Death and Taxes 1931. [Read more ...]

Parker, Matthew “Nosey”. 1504-75. Archbishop of Canterbury 1559-. 39 Articles. [Read more ...]

Parks, Rosa. 1913-. US ‘mother’ of Civil Rights Movement. Arrested, 1955, for not relinquishing her seat to a white man. King. [Read more ...]

Parlement. 12C-1792 French royal supreme courts in Paris, provinces. [Read more ...]

Parliament. British Monarch, House of Lords and Commons. 1295 Model Parliament. 1688 Glorious Revolution. 1911 Parliament Act. Curia Regis. Name of legislatures of most former British colonies. [Read more ...]

Parliament Act. 1911. House of Lords loses veto after opposing tax on wealthy. Commons term 5 yrs. [Read more ...]

Parmenides. 5C BC. Eleatic philosopher. Everything is an illusion. Mind creates the illusion of matter and motion. All is appearance of singular eternal reality. [Read more ...]

Parmentier, Antoine. 1737-1813. French agronomist, cultivated potatoes. [Read more ...]

Parnassians. 1867-99. French detached anti-Romantic poetry school. Leconte de Lisle. Sully-Prudhomme. Verlaine. Gautier. Baudelaire. [Read more ...]

Parnell, Charles. 1846-91. Irish nationalist. Founded Land League. [Read more ...]

Páros. Greek island source of white marble. Parthenon. [Read more ...]

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