The Pocket Guide to World History

Avicenna, Ali ibn-Sina. 980-1037. Arab physician, philosopher: Canon of Medicine. [Read more ...]

Avignon Papacy. 1309-77. Popes from Clement V based in Avignon, France. Great Schism. [Read more ...]

Avignon School. 14-15C. Style of painting influenced by Sienese and Flemish painters during papal residence. [Read more ...]

Avila Camacho, Manuel. 1897-1955. Mexican President 1940-46. Befriended US, rallied Latin America vs Axis. [Read more ...]

Avogadro, Amadeo. 1776-1856. PV=nRT. Number of molecules in a given quantity of gas 1811. [Read more ...]

Awami League. 1954-71. For Bangladesh independence. Rahman. [Read more ...]

Axis Pact. 1936-45. German-Italian Agreement, 1936. Cooperative alliance maintained through WWII. Allied with Spain, 1939; Japan, 1936. Yugoslavia 1941. Tripartite Pact. [Read more ...]

Ayala Plan. 1911. Zapata to renew Mexican Revolution, return land to communal ownership. [Read more ...]

Ayer, Alfred. 1910-89. British Logical Positivist. Foundation of Empirical Knowledge. Language, Truth and Logic 1936. [Read more ...]

Ayyubids. Sunni Caliphate dynasty in Egypt 1169-1250. Also in Yemen, Syria. [Read more ...]

Azaña, Manuel. 1880-1940. Spanish Republican Prime Minister 31-33, President 36-9. [Read more ...]

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