The Pocket Guide to World History

Ohm, Georg. 1787-1854. German physicist: Laws of electric current, 1826. [Read more ...]

Oil. Ancient language of N. France. Occitan. [Read more ...]

Oisin. (Ossian). 3C. Gaelic warrior bard. Legends of his father Finn MacCool. [Read more ...]

Ojibwa. (Chippewa). North American Indians near Great Lakes. Supported French vs British in 7 Years War, British vs Americans in Revolution. [Read more ...]

O’Keefe, Georgia. 1887-1986. US semi-abstract artist. [Read more ...]

Okhrana. 1881-1917. Czar’s secret police. Cheka. [Read more ...]

Okinawa, Battle. 1945. US defeat Japanese garrison. [Read more ...]

Okubo, Toshimichi. 1830-78. Japanese statesman. Meiji Restoration. Westernized Japan. [Read more ...]

Olaf I. c963-1000. King of Norway 995-. Began conversion to Christianity. [Read more ...]

Olaf II. c995-1030. 1015-28. Converted Norway. Patron Saint. First National legislation. [Read more ...]

Olaf V. 1903-91 King of Norway 1957-. Commanded army vs Germany in 1944, then fled to England. [Read more ...]

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