The Pocket Guide to World History

Old Age Pensions. 1909 Britain, 1935 US. [Read more ...]

Old Believers. 17C- Russian sect vs Nikon’s reforms. [Read more ...]

Old Catholics. 1870. Catholic sect vs papal infallibility. Joined Church of England 1931. [Read more ...]

Old English. 5-11C. Teutonic language of England. [Read more ...]

Old Ironsides. 1797. US frigate Constitution. Tripolitan War. War of 1812. [Read more ...]

Old Kingdom. c2780-2160BC. Pyramid Age of Egypt. [Read more ...]

Old Testament. 10C BC. Hebrew portion of Bible. Apocrypha. Latin Vulgate. [Read more ...]

Oldcastle, John. c1378-1417. English soldier. Lollard heretic leader. Model for Falstaff. [Read more ...]

Oldenbarneveldt, Jan van. 1547-1619. Dutch statesman vs Spanish occupation. Negotiated Treaty of Utrecht. [Read more ...]

Oldenburg. 1180 Independent. 1667 Denmark. 1773 Russia. 1777 Independent. 1834 Prussia. 1853 Zollverein. 1871 German Empire. 1919 Republic. 1945 West Germany. [Read more ...]

Oldenburg, Claes. 1929-. Swedish/US Pop art sculptor. [Read more ...]

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