The Pocket Guide to World History

Oder-Neisse Line. 1945- Polish-German border established by Potsdam Conference. [Read more ...]

Odets, Clifford. 1906-63. US playwright of social protest. Waiting for Lefty 1935. Golden Boy 1937. [Read more ...]

Odin. King of Scandinavian gods who holds court in Valhalla. [Read more ...]

Odoacer. c435-93. German who deposed Romulus Augustus 476. Assassinated by Theodoric. [Read more ...]

O’Donnell, Leopoldo. 1809-67. Spanish general with Isabella II vs Carlists. [Read more ...]

Odysseus. Hero of Odyssey. Conquered Troy. =Ulysses. [Read more ...]

Odyssey. 8C BC. Homer’s epic poem of Odysseus. [Read more ...]

OECD. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. 1961. For expansion of world trade. OEEC + US, Canada, Australia, NZ. [Read more ...]

Oecolampadius, Johannes. 1482-1531. German Reformation theologian. Drafted Confession of Basel 1531. [Read more ...]

Oedipus. Solved the riddle of the sphynx. Killed his father and married his mother. [Read more ...]

OEEC. Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 1948-61. Western European trade organization. OECD. [Read more ...]

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