The Pocket Guide to World History

O’Connell, Daniel. 1775-1847. Irish leader. Founded Catholic Association, 1823. Election to Parliament led to Catholic Emancipation Act, 1829. [Read more ...]

O’Connor, Feargus. 1796-1855. Irish/English Chartist. [Read more ...]

O’Connor, Rory. c1116-98. Last high king of Ireland 1166-75. Submitted to Henry II in Treaty of Windsor. [Read more ...]

Octavia. -11BC. Octavian’s sister. Antony’s wife 40-30BC before Cleopatra. [Read more ...]

Octavia. 42-62. Claudius’ daughter, Nero’s wife. Executed by Nero. [Read more ...]

Octavian. 63BC-14AD. 27BC Declared himself Emperor Augustus. [Read more ...]

October Manifesto. 1905. Nicholas II response to Russian Revolution. If enacted would have created a consititutional monarchy. Octobrists. [Read more ...]

October Revolution. 1917. Bolsheviks, Lenin and Trotsky overthrow Kerensky’s Socialist provisional government in Russian Revolution. [Read more ...]

October War. 1973. Egypt, Syria attack Israel on Yom Kippur. Repulsed. UN creates buffer zone. [Read more ...]

Octobrists. 1905-17. Russian party seeking enactment of October Manifesto. [Read more ...]

Odeon. Athenian place of music and poetry competition. Parisian theater 1728. [Read more ...]

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