The Pocket Guide to World History

Myron. c480-440BC. Greek sculptor. Discobolos. [Read more ...]

Mysore Wars. 1767~99 Moslems vs British in India. [Read more ...]

Mysteries. Secret Roman/Greek religious cults. Orphic. [Read more ...]

Mysticism. Direct communication with God through spiritual, intuitive or transcendental means. [Read more ...]

NAACP. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. 1909-. For US black civil rights. Niagara Movement. Du Bois. [Read more ...]

NAAFI. Navy Army, Air Force Institute. WWI-II canteen. [Read more ...]

Nabataeans. -105. Arab people who taxed Syria/Arabia trade route. [Read more ...]

Nabis. 1890s. French painters opposed to Impressionism. Bold colors. Influenced Abstract Art. Bonnard. Denis. [Read more ...]

Nabokov, Vladimir. 1899-1977. Russian/US writer. Lolita 1955. Pale Fire 1962. [Read more ...]

Nabonidus. Last king of Babylon 556-539BC. [Read more ...]

Nabopolassar. Babylonian king 625-605BC. Founded Chaldean Empire. [Read more ...]

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