The Pocket Guide to World History

Mutsuhito. Japanese Emperor 1867-1912. [Read more ...]

Mutual Assistance Pact. 1950. USSR supports China, sends arms to N Korea. [Read more ...]

Muybridge, Eadweard. 1830-1904. English/US Photographic studies of motion 1872. [Read more ...]

My Lai Massacre. 1968. US troops kill all residents of Vietnamese village. Calley. [Read more ...]

Myanmar. (Burma). Pyu. Mons. 849 Pagan kingdom. 1287 Mongol. 1303-1605 Split. 1852(S)/1886(N) British under India. 1948 Independent. 1974 Socialist republic. 1988 Military coup, dictatorship. 1989 = Myanmar. 1990 elections nullified. Suu Kyi. [Read more ...]

Mycale, Battle. 479BC. Greek navy defeats Persians. [Read more ...]

Mycenaeans. c1600-c1100BC. Greek civilization. Time of Homer’s epics. Late Bronze Age. Ended with Dorian invasion. [Read more ...]

Mylae, Battle. 260BC. Roman navy defeats Carthaginians in first Punic War. [Read more ...]

Myrdal, Gunnar. 1898-1987. Swedish economist/sociologist on racism. American Dilemma 1944. [Read more ...]

Myriocephalon, Battle. 1176. Turks defeat Byzantines, hold Anatolia. [Read more ...]

Myrmidons. Mythical Thessaly tribe led by Achilles. [Read more ...]

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