The Pocket Guide to World History

Minerva. Roman goddess of wisdom and arts = Athena. [Read more ...]

Ming. 1368-1644. Chinese dynasty. Expanded empire. Arts flourished. [Read more ...]

Minimalism. 1960s. US movement of simplified non-expressive art. Kelly. Stella. [Read more ...]

Minnehaha. Legendary wife of Hiawatha. [Read more ...]

Minoans. 3000-1100BC. Cretan civilization. Maritime power. Minos. [Read more ...]

Minorca. Balearic Islands. [Read more ...]

Minorites. Franciscans. [Read more ...]

Minos. Legendary King of Crete. Kept Minotaur, controlled Aegean islands. [Read more ...]

Minotaur. Half-man, half-bull killed by Theseus in the Labyrinth on Crete. Fed tribute of children. [Read more ...]

Minstrel. 4-17C Medieval entertainer, often itinerant. [Read more ...]

Minuit, Peter. 1580-1638. Dutch purchaser of Manhattan for $24, 1626. [Read more ...]

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