The Pocket Guide to World History

Michener, James. 1907-97. US writer. Tales of the South Pacific. Hawaii. [Read more ...]

Mickiewicz, Adam. 1798-1855. Polish Romantic poet. Pan Tadeusz 1834. [Read more ...]

Micon. c460BC. Greek painter, sculptor. Theseus vs Amazons. [Read more ...]

Midas. 7C BC King of Phrygia. Everything he touched, turned to gold. [Read more ...]

Middle Ages. 395-1492. Collapse of Rome to Columbus. Rise of Church power, modern European states. Dark Ages. [Read more ...]

Middle English. English language and literature 1100-1500. [Read more ...]

Middle Kingdom. 2040-1786BC. Golden age of art and commerce in Egypt. [Read more ...]

Middleton, Thomas. 1570-1627. English satiric dramatist. Changeling 1622. Woman Beware Women 1621. [Read more ...]

Midgard. Norse middle earth. Home of the human race. [Read more ...]

Midhat Pasha. 1822-83. Turkish Vizier. First Ottoman constitution 1876. [Read more ...]

Midianites. Biblical tribe of Arabia. = Ishmaelites. [Read more ...]

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