The Pocket Guide to World History

MI5. 1909. British Security Service responsible for counterintelligence and internal security. [Read more ...]

MI6. 1912. British Secret Intelligence Service. Overseas intelligence and strategic services. Continuation of 16C Secret Service. [Read more ...]

Micah. 8C BC. Old Testament prophet. [Read more ...]

Michael. 1596-1645. Russian czar 1613-. First of Romanov dynasty. [Read more ...]

Michael. Christian/Jewish/Moslem archangel. Leads battle vs evil spirits. [Read more ...]

Michael VIII. 1224-82. Byzantine Emperor 1259-. Won Constantinople from Latins. Founded Paleologus dynasty. [Read more ...]

Michael the Brave. 1558-1601. Prince of Wallachia. United Romania 1600. [Read more ...]

Michelangelo. 1475-1564. Florentine sculptor, painter, architect, poet. Obsessed with reproducing the human form. Pieta 1497. David 1501-4. Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508-12. Moses 1515. Bound Slave. Medici Tomb 1520. Last Judgement 1534-41. St. Peters cupola 1547. [Read more ...]

Michelin, André. 1853-1931. Founded guide book 1900. Brother of Édouard. [Read more ...]

Michelin, Édouard. 1859-1940. First removable pneumatic tires for bicycles 1888, for cars 1895. [Read more ...]

Michelson, Albert. 1852-1931. Polish/US physicist. With Morley, disproved existence of ether 1887. Measured speed of light. [Read more ...]

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