The Pocket Guide to World History

Metaphysical Poets. 17C. Witty English intellectual lyric poets. Donne. [Read more ...]

Metastasio, Pietro. 1698-1782. Italian librettist for Gluck, Handel, Haydn, Mozart. [Read more ...]

Metaurus, Battle. 207BC. Rome defeats Carthaginian invasion in 2nd Punic War. [Read more ...]

Metaxas, Ioannis. 1871-1941. Greek dictator 1936-. Repelled Italian invasion 1940. [Read more ...]

Metchnikov, Ilya. 1845-1916. Russian zoologist, microbiologist. Discovered phagocytosis 1886. [Read more ...]

Metellus, Macedonicus. -115BC. Roman censor. Advocated compulsory marriage to increase birthrate 131BC. [Read more ...]

Metéora. Built 12C-1458. Greece. Monasteries perched on 1000’ pinnacles and crags. [Read more ...]

Métezeau, Clement. 1581-1652. French architect. Church of St-Gervais-St-Protais 1616. [Read more ...]

Methodism. Protestant religious movement founded by Wesley 1729. Moravian, Calvinistic evangelical. [Read more ...]

Methuen Treaty. 1703-1836. Reduced duty on port wine to England, textiles to Portugal. Hindered Portuguese industrial development. [Read more ...]

Methusaleh. Biblical patriarch. Lived 969 years. [Read more ...]

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