The Pocket Guide to World History

Mesmer, Friedrich. 1734-1815. Austrian hypnotist. “animal magnetism” 1767. Earliest psychotherapist. [Read more ...]

Mesolithic. c8000-2700BC. Middle stone age between Paleolithic, Neolithic. [Read more ...]

Mesopotamia. 5000BC. Tigris-Euphrates river plain where civilization began. 550BC Persia. 331BC Alexander. 115 Rome. 637 Moslem. 13C Mongol. 1534 Ottoman. Babylon. Akkad. Ur. Iraq. [Read more ...]

Mesopotamia, Battle. 1914-16. WWI. British advance from Basra to Babylon. [Read more ...]

Messenian Wars. 735-715BC. Sparta dominates Messenia. 650-600BC Sparta crushes revolt. [Read more ...]

Messerschmidt, Willy. 1898-1978. German plane designer and manufacturer, WWII. [Read more ...]

Messiaen, Olivier. 1908-92. Revolutionary French composer. Experimented with Indian music, bird song, complex rhythms, unusual instruments. [Read more ...]

Messiah. Redeemer of Christianity, Judaism, Islam who would come from God to save humanity. [Read more ...]

Messina. 730BC Greek. 396BC Carthage. 264BC Independent. 535 Byzantine. 843 Saracens sack. 1061 Norman...«Sicily. [Read more ...]

Mestrovic, Ivan. 1883-1962. Croatian/US monumental sculptor. Belgrade mausoleum for unknown soldier. [Read more ...]

Metaphysical Painting. 1911-20. Bizarre surreal imagery in stark landscape. De Chirico. [Read more ...]

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