The Pocket Guide to World History

Maquis. French guerillas vs German occupation, WWII. Resistance. [Read more ...]

Mar, John, Earl of. 1675-1732. Led unsuccessful Jacobite Rebellion, 1715. [Read more ...]

Marais. Paris quarter reclaimed from swamp in 13C. [Read more ...]

Marat, Jean-Paul. 1743-1793. Bloodthirsty French revolutionary, murdered by Charlotte Corday. [Read more ...]

Maratha. 1674 Kingdom in India. 1761 Confederacy. 19C British. [Read more ...]

Maratha Wars. 1775-1818. British defeat Maratha Confederacy in India. [Read more ...]

Marathon, Battle. 490BC. Athenians defeat Persian invaders. [Read more ...]

Marbury vs Madison. 1803. First US Supreme court ruling an Act of Congress unconstitutional. Marshall. [Read more ...]

Marcel, Étienne. 1316-58. French draper who led unsuccessful Paris revolt vs Dauphin Charles V, 1355-8, while John II captured by English. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Marcel, Gabriel. 1889-1973. French Existential philosopher. Experience more important than metaphysics. [Read more ...]

Marcellus, Marcus. c268-208BC. Roman consul. Conquered Syracuse 212BC. “The Sword of Rome”. [Read more ...]

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