The Pocket Guide to World History

March First Movement. SAMIL. 1919 Korean demonstration for independence from Japan. [Read more ...]

March Laws. 1848. Hungarian independence during Revolution. [Read more ...]

March on Rome. 1922. Mussolini’s planned Fascist insurrection. Facta resigned. [Read more ...]

March on Washington. 1963. 200,000 in civil rights march led by King-“I have a dream”. [Read more ...]

March Revolution. 1848 Germany. Led to Louis I abdication in favour of Maximilian II in Bavaria, Metternich resignation. [Read more ...]

Marche. 10C Independent feudal state. 1631 Papal States. 1860 Italy. [Read more ...]

Marchfeld, Battle. 1278. Rudolf I defeats Bohemians. [Read more ...]

Marcion. 144. Founded heretical sect with 2 Gods: imperfect Old Testament God and Jesus’ merciful God. [Read more ...]

Marconi, Guglielmo. 1874-1937. Italian physicist. First transatlantic radio reception 1901. [Read more ...]

Marcos, Ferdinand. 1917-89. Autocratic Philippine president 1965-86. [Read more ...]

Marcus Aurelius. 121-180. Roman Emperor 161-. Stoic philosopher. Meditations. Repelled invasions. Persecuted Christians. [Read more ...]

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