The Pocket Guide to World History

Machu Picchu. c800 Inca city in Andes. [Read more ...]

Mackenzie, Alexander. c1764-1820. Scottish/Canadian explorer. First transcontinental journey 1793. [Read more ...]

Mackenzie, William Lyon. 1795-1861. Led failed revolt vs Family Compact in Upper Canada 1837. [Read more ...]

MacLeish, Archibald. 1892-1982. US poet laureate of the New Deal. Happy Marriage 1924. [Read more ...]

MacLennan, Hugh. 1907-90. Canadian writer of social + political conflict. Two Solitudes 1945. The Watch that Ends the Night 1959. [Read more ...]

MacLeod, J.J.R. 1876-1935. Scotland. Discovered insulin with Banting, Best. [Read more ...]

MacMahon, Patrice de. 1808-93. French Marshal. Crushed Commune. President 1873-79. [Read more ...]

MacMillan, Harold. 1894-1986. British Conservative Prime Minister 1957-63. [Read more ...]

Macquarie, Lachlan. 1761-1824. Scottish governor of New South Wales 1809-21. Public works; currency 1813; bank 1817. [Read more ...]

Macready, William. 1793-1873. English actor. Rivalry with Forrest caused NY Opera House Riot, 1849. [Read more ...]

Macrobius. c400. Latin philosopher. Saturnalia. [Read more ...]

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